Responsive Pixel Art

It's exactly that... responsive pixel art 🙃

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Ben Tossell
Ben Tossell@bentossell ·
Not sure how useful this is practically but pretty mesmerising to play around with for a bit 😄
Piérre Reimertz
Piérre ReimertzHunter@reimertz · creativity is my addiction.
This is so damn cool.
Allan Jiang
Allan Jiang@allan_jiang · I make stuff.
I am not sure I understand this thing but it's pretty dope.
Thomas Kimura
Thomas Kimura@_tomki · Freelance Web Designer
This is crazy cool.
Filix Mogilevsky
Filix Mogilevsky@filixmog · Developer of
As a programmer I appreciate stuff like this, not exactly sure what this can be applied to.