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Hey guys, Tim here, one of the co-founders of Respondly. We've had a lot of fun building Respondly, and if you run a business that uses Twitter or Email, we hope you like it too. Phil and I will check in here at various times during the day to answer any questions you have. All feedback welcome and appreciated. :-)
"This thing is built perfectly for twitter, handles my use case exactly: monitor from a bunch of accounts but reply from the support account." -@lorenb
During my exploration of the product education, I got really confused when I got to the pricing page around "Conversations". Feels like you're using a new word for something commonly called Tickets in customer service. This explanation, to me, says there's got to be a way to simplify the message: "This includes multiple responses per conversation. For example, if you send five replies in order to resolve an issue, this counts as just one conversation. If you have more conversations than the monthly limit, Respondly will still collect your emails and tweets, and you’ll be notified." Just my 2 cents. Feels like you can simplify the term or messaging this in a way to not require this large explanation.
@mulligan Thanks for the feedback on the pricing page. We'll see if we can simplify it.
Hello everyone. I'm the other co-founder of Respondly. Thanks so much for taking a look at Respondly, and I hope you get some great value out of it. As @TimHaines said - please sing out if you have comments or feedback. Thanks!