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#4 Product of the DayMay 05, 2016
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Stelian Firez
Stelian FirezMaker@stelian · designer and front-end developer
Hi, Product Hunt Resource Cards is a growing list of free resources aimed to help creatives with their next project. We wanted to make a super simple, easy on the eyes website with resources that we use all the time in the hope that it could help others too. Thank you @kwdinc for hunting it!
Marko Vuletic
Marko Vuletic@markoxvee
@stelian @sergiufirez Great work guys! I'm happy to see Sketch Tricks there 😀💎🙌🏻
HCD Product foundry
HCD Product foundry@hcdprodfoundry · HCD Product foundry
@stelian hey great stuff, can't beat a good list. I have made some design challenge cards to help designers provoke there designs thinking in areas worth exploring
Seán Marsh ✌️
Seán Marsh ✌️@seanmarshdesign · Ethical Business Designer
@kwdinc @stelian Hey Stelian, you should add @Webflowapp to the prototyping section ;-)
Palak Zatakia
Palak Zatakia@palakzatakia · 22. Building something cool.
Adding to my collection. No amount of resources are enough for designers. 😏
@palakzatakia Amen! ✋😄 Great compilation @stellian ! Really nice!
Saijo George
Saijo George@saijogeorge · Digital Marketer
great work you guys. Would love to see in the SEO section
Tom Elliott
Tom Elliott@theotherelliott · Software Engineer, Yext
This is great! Added to my bookmark bar. How frequently do you expect the lists to be updated?
Sergiu Firez
Sergiu FirezMaker@sergiufirez · Designer & Front-end developer
@theotherelliott I'm glad you like it. I'm not exactly sure about the frequency, but we already plan on adding a couple of websites tomorrow. So it would be actively maintained.
Bill Lewis
Bill Lewis@workstationw · PM--Dave's Office Installations
added to my lists--you can never have enough of these--they really help me to save time and I can relate to my developers much better than before. I'm a not a formal designer/dev person-- I'm in biz dev---resources like this help me learn more about it which is absolutely critical