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Blaine Hatab
Blaine Hatab@blainehatab · Co-founder, Open Minded Innovations
@zsims I personally learned a majority of my coding knowledge from online education, including codeacademy, and I'm curious how you plan on getting people their initial projects. My biggest hurdle was getting past the stage where people trusted me only to make them a blog or silly website. It becomes easy to get stuck on certain coding projects (blogs, marketing sites, etc) if you don't push yourself to learn more complex coding frameworks. Do you have a plan to deal with this?
☕️@colbyh · building stuff @
@zsims The feedback I've heard from every CTO/Engineering manager I know is that the people that come out of these camps really only know how to make websites. Learning how to code != becoming an engineer. I'd really love it if the people coming out of a Dev Bootcamp or Thinkful program had a greater capacity for understanding application development and design, not just how to get Rails to spit out pretty pages for the web. On a day to day basis someone can pick up Javascript syntax rather easily if they've only every used Python or Ruby, but having to explain what does, or why 100 lines of logic in your view is a bad idea, is no fun. Just my $.02 :-). Stoked that Codeacademy is taking the time and energy to connect the dots across multiple platforms!
Kevin William David
Kevin William DavidHunter@kwdinc · Community @Siftery. No 1 Hunter on PH🥇
Codecademy is teaming up with similar organizations like Thinkful, The Flatiron School, and Dev Bootcamp to create an initiative called ReskillUSA. Each year, millions of technical jobs go unfilled due to a lack of skilled talent. ReskillUSA aims to close the gap between technical education and employment. By connecting students with accessible vocational education programs and employers eager to hire from them.
Di.Serkin@diserkin · made in ussr
$80k in 3 months sounds like a dirty marketing. No way.