Text RESIST to 50409 to contact your officials

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Eric Ries
Resistbot was born out of my personal frustrations with trying to contact my members of Congress. I know it's important to do it every day, and there are dozens of blog posts and websites that tell you only a certain way "counts" - calls, emails, faxes, town halls, etc. My reps' phone lines are always jammed, and there's only someone there during the day. S… See more
Ryan Hoover
@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
I'm intrigued by invisible apps, especially SMS-based bots, because they're so easy to start using. Something like this is especially useful in big group or event settings where the time/energy to download an app from the App Store might be too distracting.
@katesegrin · Community @ Product Hunt
Resistbot is crazy easy to use and I get a major kick out of the fact that it makes it communicating with your senators as easy as texting and then it sends them a fax (so they're gonna see it!). Also, the bot is super friendly— I had to catch myself at the end from exchanging pleasantries!
Zachary Rozga
@zachary_rozga · CEO, Swurveys
This is pretty amazing. Super simple. Not sure I love the name Resist (as some others have said) but the concept is fantastic and I'd like to think would drive some new civic engagement. I could see this tool paired with data collected from our new mobile feedback tool - Swurveys - as an amazing partnership. First someone who had an issue that they deepl… See more
@inventitorfixit · CEO, Rocketship Labs
Do you suppose that calling it Resistbot limits your audience by 50%? Is this more of an app for political engagement where growth is your focus or more of a political statement to enable people to express their anti-Trumpness easily?