Resistance Toolkit

Curating the resources of the #resistance

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Just thinking of the next steps. Allow people to submit new ideas (for example, the app Countable). Also some sites might be out of date and the list be kept to reasonable size. Not sure what the best approach is. Also, to get ahead of the game, consider having an associate create an EU version.
@shuenw Great suggestions, thank you. I'm thinking about a 'show more' option at the bottom of each section to address the size issue. Will implement submissions and favorites sometime this week. Totally agree regarding international versions.
Engaging and developing the Resistance isn't a mystery anymore! Nice collection @seandadashi!
@as_austin thanks Austin!
This is great, but in future, I'd recommend asking people to use their work to represent something before doing so, or at least display proper attribution. We (Lunar Saloon) designed this as a pin to sell and benefit the ACLU. I know fighting current injustices is more important that designer attribution, but I (and most people) would still appreciate the courtesy! Thanks!
@alexgriendling hi Alex. Glad you're seeing this and thanks for your response. Apologies for not reaching out sooner—reaching out directly now to rectify.
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What about adding a voting / campaigning section?, Flippable, etc.