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Johnny LinMaker@johnnylin · 🐶
Hey Product Hunt, The Resist app lets you “be the change”, no matter how little experience or time you have. Our mission is to mobilize people to take action, whether it’s as simple and quick as signing a petition, or more involved, like attending a local, organized protest. For those who are busy, the Resist widget gives you just one simple, featured action to do every day. The actions are crowdsourced, so you can amplify your impact by adding your own. Resist is available on iPhone and iPad, as a Chrome extension, and as a bookmarklet. Looking forward to your feedback! Cheers, Johnny and Ryan Edit: Shortened description. Thanks @hgsigala.
@johnnylin I just downloaded this and it looks pretty good! I don't agree with the millennials having short attention spans though – If you present issues people care about and treat folks like intelligent human beings, they'll actually be engaged and invested in your cause and volunteer, donate and check up on it. If you get enough people to download your app I can see it being very useful for partners to tap into when they launch actions. (On top of your ability to ping people daily, but that part already exists via SMS). Is opening it up for other activist groups to use in the works?
Johnny LinMaker@johnnylin · 🐶
@hgsigala Hey, thanks for the response! That's a very valid point-- I fixed the summary hook in the description. As for opening up Resist -- Resist is completely open ("crowdsourced progressive action"). Anyone from any organization can add actions. So if you work at a place like MoveOn, or Center for American Progress, you can just sign up on the app or Chrome extension and start adding relevant content. Planned/upcoming features in the works include: Better sharing, activity logging, "matching" actions with friends, and more.
Ryan TrollMaker@ryantroll · Cofounder @ ProductMaven
Thanks for the feedback @hgsigala. Adding to @johnnylin, we briefly considered offering the Resist app to action-owner groups as another channel for them to get their actions in front of more relevant audiences. For launch, we decided to focus on making this a community-driven app where actions are crowdsourced. One way we can potentially see a group using Resist is to tag relevant articles or blog posts with their actions. This way we are staying true to helping the everyday user become more aware of the issue at hand and then take action. Any specific feedback about how groups might use this from your POV?
Kunal Bhatia@kunalslab · Co-founder & Design Lead @SlidesUp
Does the Resist button take me to Resistbot by @ericries? 😉 Looks like a great way for me to understand relevant issues. Reminds me of Adler, but more open to the community. Added this to the Make Your Voice Matter collection.
Ryan TrollMaker@ryantroll · Cofounder @ ProductMaven
@kunalslab thanks for the connector! Beside approaching this from an open-source perspective, we're focused on action aggregation & recommendation and improved content integration (i.e. take action while I'm reading an article/blog). @ericries we could drop the ResistBot in as a persistent action choice across issues/articles.