Resident Archive

Full RA music collection in sync with Spotify playlists

Resident Archive keeps hundreds of thousands of electronic music songs from the Resident Advisor collection in sync with mega-playlists on Spotify, for easy discovery.
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Hi electronic music lovers, The famous Resident Advisor platform hides a huge collection of songs (> 807693), generated by its DJ community since 2006. However it doesn't offer a reliable way to listen to songs: - - - - ..... - So I made Resident Archive to automatically search for these songs on Spotify, and keep them synced to playlists. If a song is not found, it will come back to it later and playlist it as soon as it becomes available. Today, we are curating 36 playlists of up to 11k songs (max size limit) sorted by year, for a total of 313132 songs brought to daylight. Apart from it becoming my main listening source, I hoped this could keep other electronic music diggers busy! Enjoy & thanks! Stephane
Lachlan Kirkwood
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@stephane_bruckert Great tool to aggregate the content!
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