AI travel assistant that helps you find great hotels w/ SMS

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Thanks for posting @thetylerhayes! I'm one of the founders of Reside, happy to answer any questions that y'all may have! We built Reside to help people quickly and easily find great hotels through a conversational interface. There are some pretty awesome things in store but keep in mind that this is version 1.0! Thanks for checking it out and let us know what you think. Feel free to comment on here or email me at Kevin at
Messaging is the future. Who needs apps anymore!
Thanks @m1lesv, we happen to agree. My partner @kevinleehenry and I hope to alleviate the hassle that comes with the current options of booking hotels. The friction that stands between you and your reservation doesn't need to exist and it's something we hope to eliminate with RESIDE. Please feel free to contact either of us with any questions you may have. Thanks again!
@blakepanzino @kevinleehenry for sure man. less steps the better. How did you guys come up with the idea? Always love hearing founder stories
@m1lesv Blake and I came up with the idea for RESIDE after we grew frustrated with the shear number of hotel options we had to sift through on something like Expedia. We both preferred unique boutique or higher end hotels, but sometimes it's a challenge to discover those when your presented with a thousand hotels when all we really wanted is a product that would help us quickly and easily find those cool hotels. There isn't much more simple than a conversational interface and since we curate every single hotel in our database you can be sure that it is going to be a great hotel wherever you go. I think you'll find using RESIDE is much faster and more convenient than any other hotel search product. Let us know what you think after you use it!
@kevinleehenry Great messaging interface, AI and use-case guys. The response is quick, efficient and pretty well handled. Would be interesting if you could suggest parts of the each city you are looking at based on interests, attractions or events being hosted. Are you looking to scale this internationally? Could help if you need some guidance on the international SMS market. Cheers.
@hook_taylor Thanks for checking it out! Suggestions for destinations as well area specific recommendations are coming soon, we think it's a great way to add in a more personal element into the AI. We are also working on having the AI learn more about your preferences which will also yield more relevant results when you're trying to find a hotel in a new city. Right now, as you can tell, we have focused on the US market but will be rolling out new markets and hotels quickly (including international). Our hope is to work with Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, etc as platforms to enable users in other counties to avoid paying high SMS fees. We also have an iOS and Android app in the works :-)
@kevinleehenry Just want to let you know your social links point to "#" on the homepage.
@matdubord we should probably update those!
I like the concept, like a snappier Hotels Tonight. However, I don't like that the price isn't the first thing that I get to or that it may be off between the SMS piece and the actual booking form. For example, I noted that I wanted a room under 150. The rooms quoted to me when I entered dates were $200 + taxes. I'd rather give more information to get down to real prices ASAP. Otherwise, I like the concept.
Hi @markolschesky thanks for the comments. Integrating with real time booking/pricing is the next step for us so that is great to hear it is a demand. Eventually you won't have to leave our message to book your reservation. Stay tuned for updates...