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I like the intention here, but in all honesty, I think 'beautiful' may be a little generous.
@fredrivett I'm sure it's better than the original ;-). It will be beautiful in the future for sure.
@fredrivett ahhahaah! Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!
@saoron @fredrivett I'm not convinced it's better than the original, from both aesthetic and functional standpoints. Functionally it takes a lot more time to consume the same amount of data as the original CL. Aesthetically, the palette, spacing, fonts, and corner rounding are all over the place. I think you can style CL better, but it might be better to start with the default CL and make very small changes towards readability first.
Part of the 'beauty' of Craigslist is its minimalist design. It loads fast, I can find what I'm looking for quickly, and I'm not endlessly scrolling the page. It's blandness is part of its appeal.
@fbara Do you think it's perfect this way?
Now if only we can get rid of the creepers :)
@optiquest21 haha yes that would be awesome
Nice idea but how can I use this extension on, for example, cause after I've went to it redirected me to (at this moment i am in Barcelona, Spain)?
@gogola I've just pushed an update to fix that. Thanks :)
While I do love restyles (I use Facebook Flat daily), I don't think this quite hits the mark. Lots of things seem off balance or disproportionate. I pretty much agree with the sentiments above; craigslist isn't really ugly, its just basic and fast. I'm sure they could do a few things to pretty it up a bit, but this doesn't seem to be the right angle.
@jesse_wallace If you would like to help I would love to implement your feedback and make it better..