Never have another hangover

The detox drink designed to reduce the effects of alcohol and restore the body overnight.
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I handled this the old-school way. I'm 28 years sober and counting. ;-)
@jimcanto how it should be! Well done Jim
Reset AfterDrink enhances the natural body and encourages it to recovery up to 5 times faster. Its complementary ingredients include various antioxidants and amino acids known to aid in faster recovery Reset AfterDrink was founded by renowned Dutch pharmacist, Jan Van Der Lende, as a hangover cure recovery detox drink designed to encourage naturally derived chemicals to develop faster. Unlike other anti hangover recovery drinks, Reset AfterDrink provides the body with a very large amount of Glutathion and Cysteïne, which will encourage your body to defeat all of the poisonous Acetic Aldehyde quickly and before waking up in the morning.
A really interesting product and I'm sure many people would find it very useful. However, I do have a few questions: - How widely tested is it? - Are there any side effects for long-term usage? Nice product anyway! Keep it going!
@thesecara Hi Alexandru, Thank you for your interest. The product has been sold for the last 3 years in Amsterdam and they actually have an official store at the central station (amsterdam hangover center). They tested it with around 600 students (who else) with more than 90% of the people giving back positive answers. There are no long term side effects as the person who invented it actually is pharmacist himself so was very careful to look into what products to use and what not.
@thesecara I just created a secret perk for producthunt users.
@thesecara @marijn_booman That's actually a lot more encouraging than I was expecting. Might have to give it a try then. You take it at the end of the night, before going to bed?
@thesecara @ynehoroshkin you can take it during drinking or just before going to bed. The product has Glutathione and Cysteine which almost all other anti-hangover drinks do not contain and are essential for the breakdown of alcohol. Let me know if you have any other questions Yuriy happy to answer them if you have any more.
@ynehoroshkin @marijn_booman I can assure you guys that even without trying Reset AfterDrink, it’s definitely much better than the pickle juice that some of my friends recommend!
I wonder if this is a net positive or negative for college kids? I always felt the hangovers were probably useful in that it gave people a pressing reason not to drink too much and too often. Of course, if you don't drink excessively I can only imagine it's a solid positive.
@thaddyhollan Totally agree with you, on the other side there are people that only drink a bit and get extreme hangovers, so we believe we are helping people with this product.
Hi. Can you let us know the ingredients list please?