Hire a research assistant for $50/mo

ResearchFly is kind of like Uber, but for research. Just submit a request and you'll receive a report in a few days.

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I’m a little confused because credits are in fact used. So it’s basically $50/credit = to 1/2 a report, but put into a subscription model. This makes it not like Uber which is not a subscription service. When I first saw it I understood $50/month for unlimited research help, and was naturally thrilled, but curious to see how you managed it. I was then really disappointed to see it’s not a compelling value because the examples you give are about 20-30 minutes of web searches, and I can find freelancers who will do that for much less.
ResearchFly was formed by ex-management consultants (and the makers of ContentFly) in response to a need for high quality research at affordable prices. Whether you're looking for stats to support a content piece, or massive reports to drive corporate presentations, there isn't a great, reliable & affordable way to get research to answer questions. That's why the team built ResearchFly - it's powered by dozens of talented researchers that know how to get incredible research, very very quickly. It's an on-demand model - just request the type of research you want, and receive it a few days later.
So you're AskWonder before they switched to a team only model. Got it
@evankimbrell exactly what it is, it was exactly what I was thinking as well..I'm assuming most customers are probably consultants?
Interesting product, but why only subscription based pricing? Why not allow your users to buy credits on need by need basis?
@hortopan Hey Alex! Good question - since there's no monthly commitments, and the lowest payments you a single credit, you can sign up and cancel as you see fit and use it on-demand if you need :) We just made it monthly to simplify it for the recurring users.