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This is great. How does it get the information, is it more accurate than say, visiting Amazon? Any plans to expand to the US market?
@fearmediocrity Hi James, thanks for the kind words :) Some great questions... Firstly, the information is sourced through a combination of automated tools and editorial control. Every release on Rescover is checked multiple times by a Real-life person, particularly when approaching the release date. As Amazon is one of our data sources, Rescover is at least as accurate as Amazon for the releases that Amazon cover. The beauty of Rescover is in it's breadth of coverage. Amazon - for example - has no concept of Cinema Releases, iTunes/Google Play/Netflix etc, whereas Rescover covers a huge variety of releases. Secondly, absolutely! Bringing Rescover to the US and other territories worldwide is a huge priority for us. We started with the UK market to prove the concept, with the US and Canada up next on the expansion plan later this year.
Been using Rescover for several months now. Great product for keeping up to date with the latest releases and getting reminded of those that you care about. Good work guys!
@oliverwaters Thanks Oliver, much appreciated!
Used this for a while and loving it so far. What's on the roadmap?
@johnyorke Hey John! As mentioned earlier, expanding to the US and Canada is firmly on the roadmap. With regards to features, we are currently implementing news articles and other types of content for all of our releases. Our users will be able to view a personal feed of aggregated and curated content for all the releases they are following, as well as category specific feeds for things like Movies, TV Shows, Games, and Music. It's our hope that this will increase the value our users get from our app by taking care of all their entertainment news and release information in one highly personalised place, as well as providing an alternative way to discover new things they will love. We are always open to hearing what our users think, so please feel free to suggest features you'd like to see in the App(s)!