Local marketplace for athletes to buy and sell sports gear.

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Wow, we weren't expecting to be on such a great site as ProductHunt, but we certainly appreciate the love! Please be critical :-) We want to make reQwip the absolute best product and experience possible, and that comes from learning from our user base about what works well and what needs to be improved. Thanks again! Dan co-founder, reQwip
sup! long time buddy. glad to see ReQwip launched and ready for the public. focusing on Austin is great but at what point are you planning on expanding to other markets? product-wise, there's honestly nothing special about yet another marketplace for _____________. what makes ReQwip special besides the "community" which is very hard to gain momentum due to the (chicken vs. egg problem) supply matching demand issue? i'm being very critical because you have a ton of potential. wish you the best!
This could be big, but I'm biased because I'm a huge bike nerd. Craigslist is a huge and efficient market, but the bikes category has yet to see a legitimate competitor. Looking forward to trying this out when it comes to the Bay Area.
reQwip's Beta release is now available in Austin, TX. Coming soon to Salt Lake City, DC, Boston and the SF Bay Area.
Niceeeee. Something I would use for sure.
@everette Me too! I'm always looking for workout stuff.
Very proud to share that @reQwip's iPhone #app is now available in Apple's App Store