Debug & Modify network requests - loved by 100K+ web devs

If you are a web developer, Requestly is for you. You can set up URL redirects, rewrites, run custom JS, modify headers, etc.
Examples - Debug prod js, Redirect API URLs, Add CORS Header, Block websites, Host JS/CSS, etc.
Loved by 100K+ devs around the globe.
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34 Reviews5.0/5
I'd rate it as one of the best extensions around to boost developer productivity. Prior to requestly, I'd been using multiple extensions to workaround little features, redirections, some of them involved me writing small bookmarklets coupled with manual effort. Even if you're not a developer but need to navigate through loads of seemingly similar web pages, it is highly recommended with a very small learning curve.
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@mukulgupta Wow Mukul. Very happy to see Requestly made an impact in your productivity.
Hello Product Hunters! 👋 I am really excited to share Requestly - A Chrome and Firefox extension which has helped over 100K+ developers in their development and testing workflows. I started Requestly in 2014 as a side-project to debug JS hosted on external client's websites. Following best practices, everyone hosts a compressed and minified version of their JS on production servers which makes debugging and testing issues really difficult. Back in 2014, Requestly just solved this one issue with Redirect Rule. As Requestly gained attention, lots of feature requests came and we designed, developed and shipped those features. Today, Requestly contains 7 different rule types, library to host JS, CSS, JSON files, and a bunch of other features. Requestly caters to 100K+ devs with their different use cases. Few other examples for which people use Requestly - ✅Test Different API versions ➡ Easily Replace API version in URL using Replace Rule ✅Amazon Smile ( ➡ Support your favorite charity every time you shop on Amazon ✅JIRA, Phabricator URL Shortcuts ( ➡ Quickly customize your browsing experience by setting up Shortcuts e.g. Type T to open phabricator task ✅Block Social Media Sites ( ➡ Overcome your muscle memory and stop going to facebook/twitter in between your work by setting up Block Rule and blocking these sites We usually blog about the tips and popular use cases on our medium blog ( Today, Requestly has 60+ premium users since we launched premium in April 2019. 🎁 To celebrate this feat with all of you, we’d like to offer you a 20% discount on our premium plan. Apply Coupon Code PH20 on our pricing page on our Silver/Gold plans. We also provide enterprise licensing if there are 10 or more employees want to enjoy Silver/Gold plans. 🙏 Would love your feedback as that's most precious to us and that's how we learn! 😊. Thank you so much, Chris for hunting us. Cheers, With ❤️ - Requestly Team
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it is a great extension to use and eased my life. thanks to developers...
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@new_user_1984a667a0 Thanks Himanshu! Really appreciate your feedback.
Requestly is one of my Favorite extension to easily solve day to day problems and reducing the overall development effort.
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@harry_s Thanks Harry! I am really glad to know it makes you productive in your work hours :-)
It has been a really awesome product and has helped me debug some tricky situations easily. I know a lot of devs who just love requestly. Great work building up and adding new features !
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@agraj_mangal Thank you Agraj! Really pleased to know that Requestly helped you debug tricky issues.