Inspect HTTP requests in a human-friendly way

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I've found this super useful when working with webhooks. You set your webhook to RequestBin's temporary URL. It will then collect all the info, params/headers for each request. Letting you see exactly what the webhook will send without setting up your own server to collect requests.
Runscope has some really nice tools that I use regularly. Whenever I am developing an Android app that has a backend, I use Requestbin + is another tool by Runscope -
@michaelcarrano Thanks Michael! Be sure to try the Runscope Traffic Inspector. It's both of those tools with a bunch of other useful features, especially for teams:
Nice. very useful tool. cc @johnsheehan
@johnsheehan i'm working with mailchimp webhooks & your tool has saved me HOURS. What inspired you all to build it?
@mscccc it was originally created by @progrium, but it served as inspiration for us (along with when we built Runscope. Both of those tools saved me hours while working in dev support at Twilio and one day we thought about what we could do if there was a "for real" version of them with history, search, sharing, etc. That's what Runscope is and if you like RequestBin or, you'll love Runscope :)
RequestBin is great for quickly testing something. If you use it a lot I suggest trying Runscope. It's been a big help for me when building out integrations for HeyUpdate.