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Ben TossellMaker@bentossell · newCo
Simply built for fun... (and interest) What I thought was "perhaps someone will see you asking for someone to look at a pitch deck, or where should they go to find fundraising resources, or what VC company is the best for X. Hopefully people can use it as a place for them to be helpful to each other" I also linked to Startup Pitch Decks because its fucking awesome h/t @ryangum (I literally made the site in like 10-15 mins so I know its far from perfect...Very MVP) The more people tweet, the more populated and useful it could be! - If no one does, then it wont haha
Sunny max
Sunny max@sunnyua2u · @Axvibe - attract your vibe✨ free app
@bentossell nice idea hope it would do wonders
Ben TossellMaker@bentossell · newCo
@sunnyua2u thanks... guess I'll see if people start using it and if people find it useful
Duane Wilson✌️
Duane Wilson✌️Pro@helloduane · I like Designing & Building Products
Hey @Bentossell - is it the hashtag it replies to, or @ replies? I didn't get any reply with # when I just tried. How did you set up the catalog of resources that the bot pulls from? I assume it would reply with a list of possible options yes?
Ben TossellMaker@bentossell · newCo
@helloduane hey, so its not a bot that responds to you... its more of a platform so that if I or other people have recommendations, they can go to the site and see "oh duane wants pitch deck feedback" I know @hnshah gives great pitch feedback, and he's a friend so I can connect them" (At least that is the journey I mapped out in my head)
Duane Wilson✌️
Duane Wilson✌️Pro@helloduane · I like Designing & Building Products
@bentossell @hnshah Ah! ok, that makes sense... I must have bots on the brain this am :D
Adam Marx
Adam Marx@adammarx13 · Freelance writer/editor and music addict
Really love this build/hunt @bentossell! The simplicity of the idea is great, and I love the function behind it. Used correctly, seems to me to be a great way to build karma value, helping other people out where you can. Really flows in line with the whole notion of community and relationship cultivation. 😀
Ben TossellMaker@bentossell · newCo
@adammarx13 Thanks! You know me - all about that community
Shiva Singh Sangwan
Shiva Singh Sangwan@shivagg · 1947🌎
Good idea Ben
Simple and incredibly useful!