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Find any OSS project calling for collaborators

RFM is an open platform to track OSS requests for maintainers. Find any repository calling for support. No more stale project, forgotten communities or ignored packages.
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Hi, I’m Rubén at Request For Maintainers. Forgotten and unmaintained projects are a big issue for developers. Many times a library is abandoned because no one can invest enough time. And, at the same time, thousands of developers don't know where they can go to help. RFM aims to close that gap. We keep track of all the Github repos that need support. There's a powerful search box so anyone can find a suitable project to jump in. Finally, we put special attention on protecting the community: avoiding spam, ensuring high-quality results and being community-driven. We believe the industry really needs this tool. It's a small platform. But it's honest work and delivers what's needed :) Thank you for reading this. Your feedback is more than welcome!
@sospedra_r This is so nice, I hope it gets more tractions so people can work more on open source
@onmyway133 Thanks for the support! You're completely right, the main goal of this project is to organize de OSS community and thus making it easier to collaborate.
We're really happy of RFM getting some traction! Let us know any feedback you have 🙏 We can make the OSS more maintainable all together!