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On Thursday night I was in bed and slacking @danielkempe about bot stuff and then I said "what about a 'request for startup' type site for bots?!" h/t @marckohlbrugge Sure enough, the next day - Daniel had built this! You simply tweet an idea for a bot/chatbot and include #RequestForBot and it will show up on the site. Twitter engagement contributes to the ranking. Looking forward to seeing all the weird and wonderful ideas people come up with. Will also be interested to see if people make some of the bots suggested. I know someone has already said they will make the highest voted one if it takes off! p.s. I love the logo haha
@bentossell @danielkempe Cool idea. Thanks for the mention! #requestforbot: a bot for #requestforbot
I love how simple you made that :) Note to the world: you don't need to be a developer to build cool stuff.
Great idea :)
great idea. I love that the entry form is just a Twitter hashtag, great invisible app
I love how simple it is :) and I'm gonna adopt two projects to implement! Let's send ideas everyone!