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Wouter van LentMaker@woutervanlent · Founder
Hey Hunters! I'm Wouter, founder of Repuso! Want to thank my fellow Dutchie @bramk for hunting us! For one of my websites i was looking for a nice way to display all our social media testimonials, I didn’t feel like copy pasting them myself. When i finally found a nice service the company closed down because their mother-company got acquired. When i noticed the disappointing comments from other users i took it upon myself to get out a quick MVP the next weekend to help everyone out. Since then we ran a beta with a lot of great involved users and built out the service very nicely. Repuso now allows you to integrate your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Zendesk & Delighed accounts and show all the great testimonials from your users on your website. You can do that very easily by integrating one line of javascript on your site and managing the testimonials through our Dashboard. Excited to finally launch it! Would love to hear your comments and questions!
Mayank Verma@maddynator · Founder, GYMINUTES
@woutervanlent Seems like I found a bug.. hate to be that person but someone has to be.. integrated my instagram, and it went in infinite loop of fetching post. I dont have more than 50 post but seems like it stuck as it keeps on flashing... will definitely give it another try once fixed.. :)
Wouter van LentMaker@woutervanlent · Founder
@maddynator @woutervanlent Hi Mayank! You didn't add any Instagram tags yet. Unfortunately Instagram does not let us retrieve mentions of an account. Only photo's with a certain hashtag. If you go to the channels page, click on the channel and add a hashtag there, we will retrieve those photos! I took the liberty to add your company tag, you now have some photos available in your dashboard.
Mayank Verma@maddynator · Founder, GYMINUTES
@woutervanlent cool.. got it thanks.. :)
Alin - Catalin@alincatalin · Maker of things - now
Great job @woutervanlent Really like the idea and I think that social proof is one of the best way of increasing conversions.
Wouter van LentMaker@woutervanlent · Founder
@alincatalin Thanks!
Iwein FuldHiring@iweinfuld · Founder, StarterSquad
Neat idea! I'll have a look if it fits on the landing page
Wouter van LentMaker@woutervanlent · Founder
@iweinfuld Awesome! Let me know if if you need some help integrating it!
AssistanceList@assistancelist · Programmer -
Nice job Wouter!
Wouter van LentMaker@woutervanlent · Founder
Cody Sanfilippo@codysanfilippo · Lead UX Design, Vizalytics
Love the grid demo. Great job, Wouter!