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Product looks great! The biggest concern I see moving forward is getting to a point where cloud-based resumes are accepted within job applications. I see the export to PDF function is coming. That will be key.
@mhdempsey Thank you Michael. PDF is absolutely at the top of our list. Sending a link of your resume to your employer is definitely not a widely accepted practice at this point in time, but printing and sharing from Represent works great!
I've been using Represent to transfer my résumé to an updated digital copy. It's super easy to use and is much more appealing than a traditional résumé.
@_ryangilbert Glad you've enjoyed it, Ryan! :)
@brandonkjacoby My favorite feature, and one that is probably overlooked by many, is that Represent automatically updates how long you've been with a certain job based on your start date. Keeps the resume updated without any additional work!
Today is the official release of Represent. Really great.
I'd love to answer anyone's questions about Represent, built by myself, Brandon Jacoby and Jeremy Goldberg of Shipp.