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I love the design and visualizations of products being made right in the header. It makes the company feel like "we do things here, and here are the things we do". Great job on the design showing everything about the product without the user even having to go below the fold. Potential users don't even have to scroll to get started! There are multiple companies like this out there that I've been researching (like Teespring and The Printful), but the thing I always wondered is if this was a viable business model for someone looking to open a full-fledged online store. I imagine the profits would be small, but the hassles saved by having someone else take care of all the difficulties could be cost and time sizing unto itself. Any thoughts @andrejpancik and @virae?
@gregbarbosa we're trying to be very efficient to keep the profits better than (or at least comparable to) building out your own operations, fulfilment, customer support, etc. We're just trying to take the complexity out of the whole process. If you are a designer you can just upload your portfolio, link it from your page and we take care of the rest. If you need to fundraise for a specific project (whether it's art, open-source software, charity event, or something else), make a design and share it among your friends and done. Heck, we print from one unit so we can help you even if you have an idea for funny tee to wear on a party!
@andrejpancik Thanks for the reply! I do love the idea of a designer uploading their portfolio, or even a single print run for a party.
Sounds great! I don't quite understand what the difference between this and Teespring is and it would be great if someone could clarify :)