Print your Instagram photos with a hashtag

I've used Repostage several times. I setup the address to be my mom's and I send her post cards every so often so she knows I'm still alive. Seamless.
@alwaysunday Love that use case, I actually think I might do that.
@alwaysunday Oh this is a superb plan! Thanks for that pro tip
@alwaysunday awesome idea! I've thought of doing this too :) stay tuned for improvements around this ;)
What really attracts me to Repostage is how easy and fast it is to get a print of my photos.
@hero thanks man!
Pretty sweet! Simple. Love it.
Super stoked to be a part of this project! My house is full of printed Instagram pictures now. It's fun seeing them in the real world on the refrigerator, on my desk and scattered around 😋 Hope you guys try it and like it too.
Hello! We could use your help. Repostage was built to make printing your Instagram photos near effortless. We think we've done just that. Feel free to sign up, tag your pics with #repostage AND #producthunt, and shoot over any and all feedback. All feedback is much welcomed :)
@gregchristian any way to edit the message on the post card rather than pulling the description from instagram? Sometimes it's not mom-friendly, ha.
@alwaysunday we are working on that feature :) It should be ready in the coming weeks.