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Interactive charts and tables embedded into pages

#4 Product of the WeekJanuary 21, 2020
💡The way to embed interactive, responsive, auto-updated 📈charts and tables from Google Sheets, CSV files, JSON links, GitHub, Trello and others into pages.
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Hello, PH! We would like to share one more way to embed charts and tables into pages. The reasons why you may like to use Vizydrop for embedding visualizations into your pages: - Interactive and responsive visualizations - Easy to create, change and embed. - Report data is auto-updated. - Data from CSV or JSON files and links, Google Sheets, Trello, Github and other apps - Ability to add custom data sources and connectors - Three reports are free. Hope you will find it useful. Appreciate your feedback 😄
We use vizydrop every day! Great product
@michael_dubakov + = ❤️
What a nice tool ! 🎉 I used to work with report tools like Snapboard. The idea to have reports inside notion is very cool 🔥 Great job 👍
@b_tallandier thank you so much
@b_tallandier Snapboard looks cool
Useful product and easy to use. I will start to use it :) Thanks
Awesome charts!