Reportdash Workbooks allow marketers to blend and download cross channel marketing data.

1. Pull in data from various marketing channels (PPC, Analytics, Social Media,CRM etc.)

2. Seamlessly merge the data, and perform a wide range of computations.

3. Download the result in xlsx or csv formats, or sync it to Google Sheets.

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Thanks Sachin for the hunt. Hello hunters, we are excited to launch a free version ReportDash Workbooks to the community. It allows marketers to download ppc, analytics, social media data to Google Sheets or Excel. While there are already many tools in the market to do this , there weren't many which allowed blending data, to prepare a unified view . ReportDash workbooks helps just that. It is designed for non programmers/ non excel pros. With little programming knowledge, marketers can now blend data, and perform a wide range of computations , before downloading the same. The free version doesn't require signup. So do take a spin, and please share your feedback, if any. Thanks.

Makes it much easier to track conversion data from Google Analytics to Campaign data from ad networks


Merging data from different channels is effortless

The mobile friendly dashboards and syncing with google sheets is neat!


"Pivot" option is very basic at the moment. I get back to excel for pivotting