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Repo Lovers is an online magazine made for developers, coders, hackers, makers, tinkers and everything else in between. Repo Lovers sets out to build an archive of interviews featuring talented folks building software.
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My, my.. Now we can get insights from top engineers / developers / makers from top companies. Having a great experience with, I'm pretty much convinced that in no time this place will be filled with role models for aspiring level-A engineers. Kudos on the good work folks!
Really love interface lovers, and have always thought about a developer's one, now it's here. Great to have an insight inside great developers workflow, setup, life in general. One question I really loved in Interface Lovers that it's not in Repo Lovers is "What does a typical day look like?" because it give us, readers, a perspective of how is that person day and I love that. It would be great if it was added to the new interviews!
What a great platform to celebrate the hard workers and backbone of the industry.
Interesting! I'd also be curious to see what apps the folks are in love with. Besides an IDE, of course.
I always loved reading new articles within Interface Lovers, It'll be neat to see the people behind the codes :)