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I get why this is a product from the senders point of view - but being on the receiving end of these types of emails is annoying and they are spammy. Any way people can unsubscribe completely across all? Similar discussion was brought up with Reply
@bentossell Hi Ben, there's loads of email outreach tools. The key is in qualifying those and targeting those that may be of interest. I totally agree with your points though and it's important that prospects can opt out (We have a built in feature which @unsubscribe which allows prospects to stop any emails out to them)
@marco_burgin yeah and I get that, but its just such a shame that so many people get bothered for a small % of conversions.
@bentossell I totally understand your points. The thing is that the cornerstones of growth (real growth) are in developing an outbound sales strategy. Our tool is shaped around the likes of how grew with an outbound sales process. This is inevitably cold but if you can create and sustain a structure around this, it yields a predictable and scalable way to grow your business.
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This tool seems no longer maintained and support is completely unresponsive as of this moment. ReplyUp asks your credit card details to start a trial, doesn't clearly indicate that you will be charged automatically after the trial, and then doesn't give an option to change/remove your credit card details or delete your account. This means you have to block your credit card to get rid of ReplyUp's monthly charges. After much hassle I've been able to track down founder Ben Cole on Skype but after a first response explaining he would take care of it within the next hour, I never heard of him again. In my opinion, this is a very reckless way of doing business and extremely harmful to one's reputation as an entrepreneur.


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Impossible to get rid of, see details below