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Hey there PH, here's our story. Ari Gold and I used to exchange emails every day about sports, politics and pop culture. We lamented the fact that there was no simple, compelling way to publish these conversations. We thought we were weird but then we saw some of our favorite writers like Bill Simmons & Malcolm Gladwell plus Sam Harris & Glenn Greenwald were doing just that: publishing email exchanges as content on their site. So we built RA to make it easy for you to publish this content (no cutting & pasting long email chains or transcribing in person interviews) and allow your readers to follow along like a fly on the wall. Participation is (like an email chain) asynchronous, so no one has to block off time or coordinate schedules like you would for a podcast or a live chat. It's an easier, better way to publish interviews, panels and debates. I've personally used ReplyAll to publish interviews with Mark Cuban and YCs Sam Altman, discuss startup depression with Brad Feld and debate marijuana legalization with David Frum. Happy to answer questions about product, team, business model and conversationalists who inspire us!
@zachabramowitz I agree with this post. ReplyAll is definitely not Intercom. And hello, fancy seeing you here. :)
@tamar agree. There might be competing products out there, but Intercom not one of them.
I love this format for interviews. It puts the emphasis on real conversations -- and it's so cool watching one happen in real time.
@katmanalac thanks Kat, my interviews with YC partners and founders have been some of my favorites!
I love what I've seen of ReplyAll on TechCrunch and elsewhere. It's finally a new way to experience conversations. Can you guys plug into things like Tumblr and Wordpress easily?
@weinberg81 Hey thanks Dave. Yes, ReplyAll embeds across platforms! Ultimately, we're going to build specific plug-ins for each of the platforms you mentioned.
PS here is a link to some of my own personal conversations that I've published on Above the Law where I am a writer
Great to see ReplyAll on PH! @zachabramowitz interviewed me using RA recently, loved the format and much more fun & easy vs. traditional interviews.
@alanmcgee thanks! That was a great interview, glad to hear you enjoyed!