Reply 3.0

Fullscreen messaging for iOS and Android

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It is with excitement I introduce you to Reply 3.0! It's a brand new platform build from scratch, but at the same time keeping our core value: Fullscreen messaging. We've challenged ourselves to simply create the best single message experience. In Reply 3 we have introduced the ability to send a single fullscreen message to multiple people at once, without creating a group conversation. This opens up for new ways of messaging with the ability to deliver a message, whether it is a moment, news, an announcement or a link to your newsletter which you can send out to your network. I hope you will enjoy it and please feel free to submit a comment! -JJ PS: You can send me a message using Reply too! Find and add me: jjsandgreen
Let me know how you personally can invision Reply evolve over the next months. Thoughts on ideas such as the ability to send to Followers only (good to reach audience directly without posting to a public feed), supporting GIF's (how), better video experience (length, autoplay, loop?), improving the messages Timeline...-all are welcome to be discussed in the comment field! Thanks! -JJ (Maker) PS. my username is jjsandgreen. feel free to hit me in the app! :)