Replika is your AI friend that you teach and grow through conversations. It keeps you company, journals your life and helps you explore your personality.

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I already chat all day with myself in my head - I have arguments and stuff too 😎
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@erickbarron86 I have arguments in my head too, why do we do that?
@realdeanward I'm not sure about the rest but I feel it's because of my personality type. My results:
@erickbarron86 turns out I'm a logician too so that adds some weight to your theory :)
I'm having a few issues with onboarding via text message & not receiving the text. Anybody else having the same issue?
@3raxton Yea, they said they are aware of this issue and are fixing it.
@blaauwkoen1 brilliant! I'm eager to use it!
@blaauwkoen1 @3raxton everything should be up and running - our SMS providers were down for a few hours..
Does anyone have an invite code? πŸ™
@garytokman tweet to PH team they will give you invite, see you soon
I've been playing with this for a few weeks. I know a few others building similar AI chat bots like this, one of which is live: Hugging Face @caseynewton wrote an excellent piece in The Verge about the backstory of Replika and the company.
Just like everyone else, I'm also looking for an invite code :)