Ship your SaaS application on-prem to enterprise customers.

Replicated gives SaaS vendors a container-based platform for easily deploying their cloud-native applications inside customers' environments (on-prem). Because security and control still matter.

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We've been desperately needing this. We've had a bunch of customers asking for on-prem, but it always seemed like too big of a task. Replicated makes it super simple to ship an on-prem version of a SaaS app. I'm really excited to launch an enterprise version of our software using Replicated. Here's some more about Replicated, from Tom Preston-Werner (founder of GitHub):
I'm one of the founders. Happy to answer any questions & looking forward to your feedback! We built Replicated because just about every part of the on-prem software experience sucks for both software buyer & vendor. Having started & worked at SaaS companies ourselves we've first tackled the problem from the vendor's perspective. Fortunately, just the existence of Docker makes the transition from SaaS to on-prem much more feasible than ever before. By creating Replicated we aim to streamline the process even further.
@grantm Great product and it solves a real pain point we experienced at The internal UI is already looking very slick. Do you have any thoughts on pricing yet? It would be good to better cross product deployments, e.g. replicated Airbrake that integrates easily with Github Enterprise. One of the Airbrake team will reach out soon to give it a spin.
@benarent awesome, looking forward to connecting with your team
@benarent sounds great looking forward to connecting with your team
Looks great, congratulations on launch :) The main thing I'm wondering: is it purely targeted at on-prem businesses, or could it also be used for self-hosted open-source applications? A few remarks on home page: - it's not obvious how to use the product. I get the problem it solves (delivering on-prem apps), I get the core tech used (docker) and see a great list of features, but how exactly do I use the service to solve the problem? - the video certainly shows we can do cool stuff with Replicated, but I'm unsure seeing it what is made by Replicated and what is made by Travis Actually, making a video that shows off how to use Replicated would solve both problems.
@oelmekki Great questions & feedback. We're primarily focused on working with SaaS apps right now but we're chatting with a few open-source projects about using Replicated. However, Bitnami has the open source space covered pretty well (including a ton of major IaaS partnerships). We don't communicate what vendors need to do very well on the main site (and I definitely should). The docs can give you a very detailed look into how it works: But if I had to capture it succinctly I'd say: SaaS vendors push their images to our private registry (or use other public registries) and then describe their application (the components, containers, etc) and the configuration options in detailed YAML. We have some other features they can leverage as well, but basically with that information we're able to create a private instance of the application. As for what is made by Travis CI vs Replicated. We do the install script and all of the web UI used for installation, configuration, support, auditing, cluster management and the dashboard. Which is everything that is served on port 8800, basically the stuff in the video from 3:10 to 7:50, prior to that was just setting up a Linux Server. (Important to give Travis CI due credit on building the actual tool that the enterprise customer is going to use everyday... countless videos could be made about their awesomeness). Great feedback on figuring out a way to be a bit more clear about that distinction though, I'll definitely make some tweaks based on this.