Generate source code for iOS apps from design work

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If it truly works seamlessly, this is brilliant! Any chance this will be coming out for Sketch? Feel as though many designers have started switching over to Sketch for UI design.
@katoree I think that Replia should have many input/output channels. Sketch is an important candidate. Thank you for your opinion.
A technical problem has not been checked yet, but when there are no problems, I want to support Sketch early version. I use Sketch to design UI Layout of the Replia. I love Sketch too.
@katoree Hi, Replia starts to support Sketch. we made Sketch plugins for Replia.
Replia generates Objective-C/Swift/Storyboard source code from Photoshop designs.
I'm a developer of Replia. Any questions?
I want to upgrade Replia. Please let us know what you want.
@hirobe Agree with Armaan on Sketch support. Would also like to not deal with pixels using a solution similar to Paintcode. You may talk about it on your site, but do you have variables/parameters similar to what Paintcode can do. Very interested due to your ability to output to storyboards, but going to be tough to win me back from Paintcode/Sketch. If I was starting from square one would definitely give Replia a try though. Looks like a potentially great solution that I'll recommend to Photoshop friends.
@benwtnb Thank you for good opinion! I started to check Sketch plugins. And I'll check Paintcode parameters. But, I don't try to make the same one as PaintCode. Developers already has both of the PaintCode and the Sketch. PaintCode is a tool to make a part of view. Replia generate the more large layout which contains view hierarchy. I'm considering vector path type output. This vector path type will be a simple one and used as a option of bitmap images for which developer can edit a little animation of shapes in Xcode. It is important to be able to edit in Xcode. PaintCode is a fascinating tool. But the output of the PaintCode is too complicated, and I can't edit in Xcode.
@hirobe Good points! My team is constantly trying to figure out a way to do bigger layouts using Paintcode and laying out interfaces with multiple buttons, but it can't. It's really cool that you've figured out how to do that, and also it looks like you can set text fields and other similar objects. Hirobeさんは東京に住んでいますか?僕の会社は東京で設立しました。もし、時間があったらと東京に住んでいたら、カフェでRepliaをもっと話しましょう? I think your English is much better than my Japanese though! If you're in the area, would love to talk more about design tools for iOS/OSX and learn more about Replia!
This reminds me of the Photoshop to CSS generators, which sort of worked but delivered terrible code. I have a hard time thinking this would be any different but curious how well this would work for MVP's or prototypes. @hirobe - are there any apps live in the App Store that have used this that you can share?
I have used POP (iOS app). POP is quite good for paper prototyping. If you want drawing type, I recommend Sketch. When I say about CSS generator, Adobe Edge Reflow CC (preview) can import Photoshop layers and have good UI. But output original CSS code. If It support bootstrap3 css, it will be perfect. I have not tried other tools so much yet. I'll try variously and report it when there is something fascinating.
CSS is affected at other CSS, so it's difficult to auto generate well. I also want HTML/CSS generate future. Base CSS makes the value of generated CSS. I am interested in the Flexbox and react.js.
@rrhoover Had lunch with Hirobe today, and explained your question to him about released apps. He said that there aren't any apps on the appstore that have used Replia yet, since he just released it. There are a few in development though, and I'll be giving it a go, so will post whatever small hack I end up making with it here and tag it as such in the comments. Definitely agree about typical graphic assets to code solutions being halfbaked, but have had a lot of success with implementing PaintCode into my workflow, so excited to see how this might pan out.