Replete 2.0

A ClojureScript REPL for iOS and Android

A ClojureScript REPL for your device.
With this app, evaluating ClojureScript forms is as simple as can be. Replete launches instantly, providing a full-featured REPL environment that is great for experimenting with and learning the ClojureScript language.
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2 Reviews5.0/5
I love recreational and explorative coding. I love to come up with expressions and to evaluate them to see what happens. Clojure is a great language for this kind of activity and the REPL is an amazing environment for it. With Replete 2.0 there now is a powerful and easy to use Clojure REPL for iOS as well as Android. This is amazing. I also love the attention to detail (e.g. tap on a previous expression to copy it).
Hello! 👋 Replete 2.0 is based on original work from Mike Fikes in 2015. The new major version includes Android port of the app and a handful of new functionality. The most notable ones are file and HTTP I/O Replete is a nice way to play with code, learn the language and explain concepts to your coworkers during lunch. Make sure to checkout new namespaces: - replete.core - - replete.http