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This is an application to discover your Spotify usage and creating playlist from your top artists and tracks. It uses Spotify Web API.

Alin Panaitiu
Edward Kindred
Muhammad Usman
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  • Alin Panaitiu
    Alin PanaitiuFullstack Developer / Noiseblend Founder

    Marvelous design, simple and clean



    Replayify gives you an easy way to listen to your most liked tracks that you may have already forgotten about!

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Amrith Shanbhag
Amrith Shanbhag@amrith · Community + Social at Product Hunt
I'm jealous of all these apps built on top of Spotify cause I don't have Spotify in my country and use Apple Music out of obligation. Wish such things existed for Apple Music too 😅
Avinasha Shastry
Avinasha Shastry@avishastry · Looking for the Next Big Thing!
@amrith Ya! So many cool apps on Spotify! Missing out on so much!
Rudi de Groot
Rudi de Groot@reach · Social Business Specialist
@amrith True. Apple Music really sucks. Very poor usability.
Brad Rhoads
Brad Rhoads@bdrhoa · Founder Instant Audiobook
Love it! One suggestion: add genre filters.
Eren Ture
Eren Ture@eren_ture
@bdrhoa Yeah, it's really weird to have EDM, Metal, Rap and POP in the same playlist.
Alin Panaitiu
Alin Panaitiu@alin23 · Fullstack Developer / Noiseblend Founder
I absolutely love the design! Good way to listen to some forgotten gems ✨🎧
Asher Dawson
Asher DawsonHiring@asherdawson · Santa Clara University Student
This is a really cool idea, and certainly useful. The only thing is... I signed in with the wrong Spotify account, and now I can't switch accounts. There's no 'account' tab :(
Pasi Lampinen
Pasi LampinenMaker@pasilampinen · Creative Developer
@asherdawson open and log out. Then open and you should be able to log in with different account 👍
Mike Gorrell
Mike Gorrell@mikeyg1014 · Designer&Creative Director,
This is great. So simple, easy to use, and shows me exactly what I was looking for. Love how easy it was to generate the 100 song playlist for my all-time artists, I know what I'm listening to at work today!