One-Click Video Editor for iOS

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Replay just released a beautiful 2.0 update. I've used the app before to convert long sometimes-boring videos from GoPro into a one short movie. The experience is pretty cool, pick the clips and the app will intelligently mash them up into a one video. Fast.
@nikitakorotaev Thanks for the kind words. We think that we all have bunches of photos (and videos) and it's hard to exploit them good and easily. We want to help people to transform those memories into stories for friends and family.
@francescu Great promo video and landing page. Downloading now.Who did the video between ?
Wow, that promo video was fantastic.
Oh man, just had a pretty great first time experience combining content from with Replay. Great music choices really added emotion to my animated gifs. Nice work @francescu!
Upvoted for the unique website/video alone. Also looks like a cool product, will have to check it out this evening.