First appliance that grows food for you.

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Jp Valery
Growth Operations Manager @ Local Logic
Looks interesting, but I feel the price point is a bit high.
Peter Freebydesigner, curator
The modular design makes this micro farming the best solution I've seen and something I'd actually buy, but it's certainly not the "First appliance that grows food for you." Also, I'd really prefer if there were a version of products like this that were constructed out of a single type of material rather than mixing the metal UI of an oven or microwave with the birch/plywood of an ikea bookshelf.
Sanjay Parekh
founder & raconteur
@peterfreeby I think the thinking (not to speak for the founders) of using that tagline is that once the pads are put in the device, you don't mess with it until the device lights up telling you it is time to harvest. The appliance manages everything on it's own once you hit the start button.
Loren DavieFounder at Axilent
Needs an apartment sized "picofarm".