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Clean & simple theme built on vanilla Bootstrap 4

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Replacer is a library of 9 amazing HTML templates and 9 inner pages for Bootstrap 4, made without any third-party plugins making it super easy to create and customize your own working websites in minutes using only native Bootstrap 4 features

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Bunin Dmitry
Александр Кирюхин
Victor Ceban
  • Bunin Dmitry
    Bunin DmitryMaker, Product Designer

    Easy to use



    Using it for every web project so far

    Bunin Dmitry has used this product for one year.
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Meenu Sharma
Meenu Sharma@meenu_sharma · CEO/Founder
Good Things provided by you. There is very good themes. G8
Abadesi@abadesi · Co-founder, Elpha
How did you create these themes and decide on the layouts, colors etc? @alexeyli44
Alexey Likhobabin
Alexey LikhobabinMaker@alexeyli44 · Robowolf Inc.
@abadesi In short, first I analysed and gathered the most useful blocks, which using in landing pages, then implemented them with native Bootstrap 4, the colors are native too.