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Repick 2.0 is a curated collection of the best homeware from across the web.

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Basically, this is
@azizfirat @mirza_rahman We are trying to create something closer to a mix of and with a focus on channels where our users and curators can work together and build their own communities with their own affiliate links. We are still working on differentiating Repick from the competition :) We will try our best at least!
Hey @nilsi1987 @mammademin @jyhwng please tell us about what's new with Repick 2.0 and what you have planned for 2018 🙂
Thanks for the hunt! We now let our users apply to become curators to get a more mixed range of products on Repick. As a curator, you will get your own affiliate channel and be able to add premium well-designed products mainly for peoples home. We are building a platform for everyone who wishes to curate different niche products focusing on a particular area. If you’re a chef and know kitchen products well, if you’re a gardener, love Scandinavian design, have a passion for pink products or anything else we would love to see you open a channel on Repick. We want each channel to have its own character but not necessarily only one category. We rebuilt the whole front end in Vuejs and hope to build more community features in the coming months and fix bugs. We would love to hear what Product Hunt think about this concept and how we can improve! Thanks!
This looks great. The UI/UX of the site is pretty cool. I was just traversing the site and I found all products with same amazon affiliate tag. So who gets the commission in the end?
@evivz Thank you! It depends if the curator has added their own Amazon ID to their profile's settings then they will have their own tag on the link. The curators will get the commission.
@nilsi Do amazon allow that? I had once asked them can I sell product from they denied.
And one more curious question. I found all of the products on your site do not have the background in the thumbnail. Whereas when you traverse amazon many products have some background. So do you guys use some technique and remove it? or manually do it for each product?
@evivz Usually the first image you get from Amazon by the API has a white background. We do some minor improvements to the images by using Imgix but nothing to the background. For other websites, we usually look for an image that already has a white background.
@nilsi1987 just watch if it’s aligned with amazon TOS.
@mammademin - what an amazing product! Great job indeed. Good luck!