The world's simplest repayments calculator

Repayments is the world's simplest repayments calculator.

You can calculate repayments for any kind of loan or debt, not just a mortgage.

This free tool was created in order to simplify the convoluted process of finding out how much needs to be paid every week/fortnight/month/year for a loan. It is no-nonsense and can be used by anyone easily.




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Menachem Pritzker@mdavep · CEO, TheHomeFixers
Doesn't work for 0% interest calculations
Akash SaggarMaker@akash_saggar · Developer
@mdavep Hi Menachem. Sorry about that, I have fixed it. Please let me know if anything else is broken. Thanks.
Menachem Pritzker@mdavep · CEO, TheHomeFixers
@akash_saggar awesome. cool tool :)