Repair Alert

Never miss out on an Apple repair or exchange program.

Repair Alert aims to increase visibility of Apple's repair and exchange programs.
It is very straightforward: you indicate which devices you have, then we send you an email notification when Apple introduces a new support program for any of those products.
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Hi everyone! My buddy Niels and I came up with a convenient service for everyone who's had to get their Apple gear fixed. 🛠 Repair Alert keeps track of all the repair and exchange programs and notifies us when Apple introduces a new one that matches one of your selected product categories. 📫 The reason we started this is that Niels once missed out on an exchange program for his MacBook. We want to make sure that never happens again. 💪 Ideally Apple will make us obsolete, but until then we're here to help. Let us know what your experience has been with Apple's support. Cheers, Boy
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Hey all! We would love to hear about your experiences as well. Have you ever missed out on a repair or exchange program for one of your Apple products? Is there anything we haven't thought of that you would like for this service to provide? Cheers, Niels
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Great job!!😊 Will check it out! I’m going to be checking this out
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@ayush_chandra Ok, check it out Ayush! Let us know what you think. ;)
Is it possible to have this for non-Apple products as well?
@hasan_diwan We’re starting with Apple because their repair programs are well documented and easily accessible. We’ll look into supporting other vendors as well. 👍
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So great thank you