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Hi everyone! I'm one of the co-founders of BodBot. We're really excited about our new app on the Apple Watch: a digital personal trainer that uses the watch's motion and heart rate data to adapt your exercise recommendations. While you perform each workout, the app will count your reps, measure your heart rate, and adapt your workout as you progress. If you are fatiguing quickly and slowing down, it will reduce your planned reps. If your heart rate is too low for an effective cardiovascular workout, it will quicken the pace. With this app, the Apple Watch's biometric suite is wedded to the robust planning algorithms on BodBot, and we’re therefore able to provide biometrically-driven workouts that just a decade ago only a world class athlete would have access to. BodBot’s interval trainer not only takes full advantage of the biometric suite of the Apple Watch, it also uses and benefits from the best-in-class personal training capabilities of BodBot. We generate a model of your body based on fitness/postural/flexibility tests and algorithmically generate an exercise plan. Missing range of motion in your hips or shoulders? We’ve got you. Limited in your upper body, but stronger in the legs? We’ll take care of it. No matter your starting point, we’ll tailor your workouts to your body and abilities, and we’ll balance your needs with your own workout preferences. We see this app as the next step for wearable fitness. Existing fitness apps and wearables focus on tracking what's been done, without providing intelligent guidance on what to do next. The focus of these services is on data, not on insight. BodBot, on the other hand, takes in the data and makes detailed exercise recommendations based on each person's specific characteristics and abilities. We're really excited to share our Apple Watch app with the Product Hunt community. We're offering BodBot Plus, our premium service, for free if you grab the app today. Finally, I'm happy to answer any questions and would love your feedback.
@sergio_prado Great, product. Looks like it has a lot of features that help passively track your workout, which is awesome. I'm very interesting in software that is able to capture my TUL (Time under load) rather than just # of reps. It seems like this is very close to be capable of doing so? Have you heard of TUL or High Intensity Training? I just haven't found a high quality app that allows you to track your exercise, TUL, and weight.