Tools to cut your Google Cloud bills by 20+%

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All growing businesses run into the same fundamental problems. Hair on fire, cloud spending going through the roof, loss of control. The good news? reOptimize solves them!

It's easy to get started with reOptimize. But that's just a beginning of your journey for cost optimization, governance and ML based cloud cost analytics & optimization.

  • Brendan Moore
    Brendan MooreDeveloper

    Massively helpful when understanding how to reduce cost


    Nothing major

    We've been using it since January and it gave us great visibility into aspects of our setup that was not bringing us great value. Also finding it's forecast feature really helpful month on month.

    Brendan Moore has used this product for one year.
  • Vadim Solovey
    Vadim SoloveyCTO of DoiT International

    Free for most users!


    Still can't optimize cloud egress traffic

    I use reOptimize every day to optimize cloud bills of my clients. Can't images how would I do that without this amazing tool.

    Disclaimer: I am the CTO of DoiT International, the company behind reOptimize

    Vadim Solovey has used this product for one year.
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Grzegorz Berezowski
Grzegorz Berezowski@panpremier · Founder @ NapoleonCat & Catvertiser
Simple dashboard is much more user friendly and informative than standard Google cloud billing dashboard.
Tzury Bar Yochay
Tzury Bar Yochay@tzuryby · Founder and CTO - Reblaze
Super helpful understanding cloud costs at all layers and various products and services in use. Help us save money on a *DAILY BASIS*. Keep up the great job!
Mausam Neog
Mausam Neog@mausam_neog · Head - Cloud Platform Consulting
As a cloud reseller I find this product very helpful! Love the insights and yes love the passionate team behind it!
Abod Salameh
Abod Salameh@abod_salameh · QA team Lead, Freightos
Very helpful for cloud cost with useful dashboards, you can know exactly the cost for each service. Also, they have a very good alerting system for all/each project.
Elad Dotan
Elad Dotan@elad_dotan · Dir. of IT and Ops, Cloudify
Finally my team can easily monitor our corporate cloud spending without a fuss. my CFO is very happy I can tell him how much money we saved using this free tool. Keep up the great work!