Rentork 2.0

Forget ad blockers! Rent your data and get paid.

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This was on PH earlier. What's new?
@grooveplex Hello, So this is the final release before the network is launched in few weeks. The app has a brand new design and includes our AI (Flyde) allowing users to ask what kind of ads they want to see and choose the content, they can request for example: "flight Paris New York october 2016 2 adults" and when an offer is available the user will see it everywhere on the web to not missing it because have you ever found a good offer at the exact time you needed it? So now advertisers will have access to our requests' trending module to push offers when users need them. We also included "Ads Booster", allowing users to share ads on their favorite social networks and also sponsored video watching. Now the tracking is far more better, when you download the app on one device, you can now earn money when you see ads even if the app is not installed on your laptop, desktop or another device.
"he has to pay for your profile and you get your commission." This language is unnecessarily exclusionary. You're assuming all advertisers are male-identified. Perhaps change this to "they have to pay…"
@stan Yeah right that's not wrong at all, we'll do it thank you buddy, Canadian translator.
I have to wonder what the difference is between this and Datacoup (
@meesboe One diff would be Datacoup is functional!
@meesboe Hello, Datacoup only pays you an amount per month depending on your profile and that's it. Rentork will not pay you a fix amount per month but for each ads viewed (depending on the cpm / cpc price) and for all your actions. Datacoup is like only 8-15$ per month for your data, Rentork will be around 75$ - $120 for renting your data and working all around the web and apps.
@andym_dc @meesboe We also did not spend 500K$ in 1 year to create it and did not lose the rest of the money without doing anything.
@wwwjohnrobin @meesboe I'm willing to give it anoIther shot, but to have waited however many weeks or months to be onboarded, then to have it sit there and garner me $0.00, then to one day login and I'm kicked out and back in line for some more weeks to be re? -onboarded, is a little frustrating.
Just some feedback for you guys, it took me quite awhile to figure out how to get started with app. I actually closed it and thought that you hadn't launched yet and there wasn't a way to sign up yet. I decided to open it up again and I think I accidentally tapped the Facebook button at the bottom, but would never have guessed that's what I needed to do. I like that you can get right into connecting accounts, but I would definitely make those the most prominent items on the screen.
@austinwprice Hey thank you for the feedback. When you opened the app the first time, didn't you have a first screen with a small presentation (like Rentork is Awesome, etc) and at the bottom the text SIGNUP / CONNECT and all the social connect buttons? Android or iOS?
@wwwjohnrobin Yea man I'm looking forward to trying it out. I did have that screen when I first opened it. The issue is that I wasn't really sure what to do. I tried tapping "SIGNUP" a few times, but it wasn't obvious to me to use the bottom bar to connect an account. I would do some testing with this, but my suggestion would be to give the buttons to connect an account the prime real estate and make it really easy to open the app and find that.
@austinwprice You're right we'll do something to get it more obvious. Thank you very much for your feedback, this is important for us.
@wwwjohnrobin No problem, looking forward to seeing what you guys do with it. Good luck moving forward!
@austinwprice Advertisers are ready, publishers almost and we're finishing the mockups for the Rentork Smartphone, should be a lot of FUN.