Rent your data and get paid for ads you see online

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This concept is awesome. Look forward to trying it out. Just a typo on the front page: "....use freely your data." Should be "use your data freely," I think. :) Best of luck!
Hi @dannyfiorentini, I think you're right ;) thanks.
Hi everyone, I'm John founder of Rentork, we are glad to welcome you here on Product Hunt to talk about our app and how now you can rent your data online and earn money everyday on your favorite websites and apps when you see ads.
@wwwjohnrobin can you explain a little bit more about how it works to the PH community? Which data is being rented to whom, and why would they interested/motivated to pay you?
@chrismessina Thank you for your message. We wanted to allow users not to see ads without any return like now, when you see ads everywhere on your favorite websites and apps, Google, Apple, Agencies, etc. are targeting you by using your data for free. How it works is very simple, once the user has installed the app, he has to connect with his email or with his social account like Facebook, Twitter or Google. After that, the user can fill out his profile with different details he wants to rent to advertisers and he also can select his different interests and brands he likes the most. The more the user fills out his profile, the more his value increases and consequently his earnings are higher. After that, you just have to shut down the app and go on your favorite websites and apps like you do everyday and each time you see an ad from our network you get paid because advertisers pay to display ads and we share the commission between the publishers and the users. Advertisers do not have access to the user's data, it's only for targeting purposes and to allow users to choose what kind of ads they want to see. Advertisers will never receive users data at any time except if the user subscribes to the advertiser's offer and gives him permission to have access to his data but the user will also earn money by giving access to his profile depending on what fields the advertiser wants to have access. We already have advertisers and agencies as partners interested in launching their campaigns on our network because they can target people on their exact criteria, behaviour, interests and what kind of brands they do like (Like Facebook but all over the web through different websites/apps). For advertisers it changes anything, they do not pay more or less they can just explore a new way to advertise with our innovative social ads with multiple actions (video, app download, fb likes, offers, etc) and for the users it's a new "sexy" ad experience as they can interact on it and rate/like it. You know it's like if instead of being a publisher by having a website or an app you're becoming a publisher by renting your data (It's kind of an AirBnb for your data). A lot of users are tired to see non targeted ads or are more aware that advertisers are using their data without their agreement (who reads terms and privacy policy?). So why could not they rent their profile? Our app is also an AI allowing users to ask for specific offers like "Deals Hotel New York september 2016 2 adults" or "Cheap flight Paris Los Angeles June 2017 2 adults 2 children" or "Discount tickets Walt Disney World July 2016", etc. We offer a trending module to advertisers to answer these requests by creating new deals and to allow users to control the offer. So each time one of the user's request matches with an advertiser's offer, the user is going to see it online in priority, he will get paid for it and if he perform on this offer he'll get an extra commission. This AI has also a special feature for blind people with an audio description of each ad/offer, as they can't see it, they can hear it. So now users don't have to use Ad Blockers, they can see ads depending on their profile and get paid for it :) I hope I made myself clear and if you need more details, do not hesitate to ask, I'll be glad to answer. John
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@wwwjohnrobin Great explanation! Could you run us through a use case that you have had in the past and how it feels from the users side and the agencies side? Future plans for this? PS: Highly recommend changing your screenshots for the app in Apple Store.
@as_austin Hey, what is the problem with the screenshots on the App Store? I'll come back to you for your request on a another post.
@wwwjohnrobin there seems to be an issue with the sizing (making the screenshots look really far away)
Great idea, Win-Win for the user and the advertisers. This could possibly reduce adblocker usage and make targeting more relevant.
Great concept! Can you open to Aus App Store? :)
@yougeekybastard Hi, just did it few minutes ago you should see the app now. Keep me posted
Hi @yougeekybastard, it's now open. You can try it.
Now this is interesting. As much as I hate ads, and defend privacy, everyone has a price.
@kevinsuttle You gotcha! Everyone has a price for sure and that's what we wanted, to value users and change the way advertisers are using data. So now, you want to target me well, so you have to pay.