Airbnb plus alternative for medium to long-term stays

Rentoo is an apartment rental platform that tailors entirely to international renters. Our mission is to make renting internationally safer and more efficient. Our apartments are inspected for quality, design and comfort. We use VR technology to enable anyone to virtually view their new home before renting.

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Congrats on the launch Elmar. The site looks fantastic. A few weeks ago I spoke to a member of your team about listing our apt in London but didn't get round to it. Will check again!
@breslin Thank you so much! We should definitely connect and do some business together :)
Hello Product Hunt! We started Rentoo because we've had some terrible experiences with Renting internationally (you can read the background to the story on our blog). We've worked really hard on this over the past few months and would really appreciate it if you can check it out and give us some feedback. As an exclusive offer to Product Hunt, we are granting immediate early access to all those who comment below.
@elmar_gasimov Congrats on your launch, fellow #mongodbstartup! :)
@nickilaycoax Thanks Nicki. I checked out Oogur, I will pass it on to our marketing manager! Looks very useful!
@elmar_gasimov Elmar, thank you! I would love to have them as a new customer! Happy to walk them through if it helps! I will check out Rentoo next time we look for a place to stay too. :-)