Renting is the new buying.Rent Furniture & Home Appliances.

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RentoMojo is an online rental company with a vision to revolutionize the way people meet their lifestyle needs. We offer online rental services for everything you need from furniture, appliances, trekking equipment to bikes. We believe in making lifestyles affordable & easily accessible to everyone. By empowering individuals & companies access their lifestyle needs, we provide more than online rental services, we help people design the lives they want to live. We let you explore a world of possibilities. Access a better lifestyle with RentoMojo. Like many other young working professionals we were living in rented apartments, working long hours & faced a lot of trouble each time we had to equip our house when we moved. That got us thinking, since ages we've been fixated on the idea of owning stuff and after a while when it's out of fashion or doesn’t suit our lifestyle we simply sell it for peanuts. That’s when we got the idea for RentoMojo. No more burning holes in your pockets. No more tears over bad deals. Just access a world of possibilities with RentoMojo.