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Paul, this is really cool. So many apps coming out with the Tinder concept, but I think yours might actually be useful lol. Wonder how hard it's going to be to retain users after they've found a place. Maybe there is some related value you could add like @caprihiggins was talking about to keep engagement up. Kudos 👍🏽
@justcolbss Thanks Colbey, appreciate that a lot. With our current features, retaining active users is nearly impossible so that's a current challenge we face. We are currently building features that will add value to our users' rental experience which will increase retention. In the lifecycle of a renter, you have to find a roommate on one app, pay rent on another, find housing on another, submit your application on the PM's website, split bills with roommates etc,. We'll be filling out our product in the coming months so that it can be more one-stop shopping
@pburke24 Yeah I'm looking forward to watching you guys grow. Monetizing seems like a bit of a challenge. Perhaps there's some opportunity with advertising houses/apartments in-app. I'll check back if I can think of anything else. Good work!
This is pretty awesome. I like you can set up your profile in <60 seconds. What are your plans to expand later on down the line? Maybe be the all inclusive roommate app where you can split rent, have a shared calendar, and set up reminders?
@caprihiggins Don't want to give too much away, however you are definitely onto something... Our mission is to streamline the rental process for renters and that involves a lot more than finding a roommate.
Is this only available in certain major cities?
It's available nationwide. Our user base is strong in most bigger cities so you'll have a great experience in NYC or SF, however not as much in North Dakota.
@pburke24 Cool. What about Bermuda?
@muloka Should have specified - only available in the U.S. at this point.
@muloka Yup. Checked out your Soundcloud, good stuff!
Hey Product Hunt Fam, I'd like to introduce you to RentHoop. Quick story behind it is I was looking to move out of my Mom's house and tried Craigslist and a few others apps to find a roommate. Thought the process was totally outdated and decided to do something about. Still living at my Mom's house though :) Skip the classifieds and download the app that makes finding a roommate fun, safe and simple. Your next roommate is only a swipe away. Here’s how easy it is. You choose where you need a roommate and we show you potential roommates in the area. You’ll be able to see the following information about each user with Facebook login. -profile picture -name, age -preferred neighborhoods -mutual friends, mutual likes -job, university -about section that tells you more about what the other person wants Once you find somebody who is a possible fit as a roommate, just swipe right. If they also swipe right we’ll connect you two with our in-app messaging. Simple enough? The app is for anybody in need of a roommate, however, students in college trying to rent off campus housing will be much more likely to have mutual friends when they are looking for a roommate. Our app is live in major markets like Seattle, Los Angeles, New York,, Phoenix, Chicago, Houston, Dallas, Portland, Atlanta and San Francisco. Whether you already have a room in your apartment that needs to be filled or are looking for people to rent a house you found, RentHoop can make your roommate search easy and fun.
@ryanmtaylor Thanks Ryan! Appreciate all your help in getting this setup.
Congrats @prestonattebery Since this is a location based app, how did you guys grow your initial user base?
@shapob @prestonattebery Great question. We've really utilized free social channels - Facebook groups and Twitter since we are a bootstrapped startup. I was influenced by @garyvee in our approach, we did a lot of reverse-engineering to understand where our potential users were going and making that our point of attack. We took an interesting approach, not one I would recommend for all location based apps. Rather than go city-by-city, we launched it nationwide. We wanted to see what cities found our app, where it was sticking, and how we could leverage the people who found RentHoop organically to grow it in that city. Overall, our growth has been great although we are yet to hockey-stick. For us, the bigger challenge is retention since once you find a roommate you probably won't use the app for at least another six months. Pinwheel seems to be a different animal from ours so I can't say our approach will work for you. Let me know if you'd like to talk customer acquisition strategy, I'd be more than happy to share what I know.