Rentberry Rent Payments

You can now pay and collect rent using cryptocurrency

Have you ever dreamed of paying or collecting rent online using crypto? We’re excited to introduce the first rent payment platform to make that real.

Our BERRY Token payments are different from regular cash, checks, and bank operations. Rentberry payments operate worldwide, require no fee and are processed rapidly within the blockchain network.

  • Timothy Eaton
    Timothy EatonProfessional Investor

    Really slick and simple to use website, global footprint for rental, dedicated payment of rent via Rentberry's own blockchain token, BERRY.


    Waiting for Berry to be available to buy on Rentberry platform, expected this year. That will really then ensure all boxes are ticked

    Rentberry and what they are moving toward is right now, the leading global player in long term rental space, implementing tokenisation. They are introducing a rental deposit function that will allow tenants to share risk of the secuity/rental deposit amoung other Berry holders. This is a market first and shows just how far Rentberry has come and where it is going over next 12/24 months. Super responsive on any issues Ive had also. Well done Rentberry.

    Timothy Eaton has used this product for one year.
  • Pros: 

    provide the best experience while choosing the best apartment You are looking for ,and would pay with BERRY tokens because of their benefits


    I can't find any at the moment

    Rentberry solves a number of significant problems , the high level of commission fees of intermediaries, the problems of manual selection of plausible tenants, overstated requirements for making pledges .. In a word, what other platforms can not do

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This is something we worked on quite some time here at Rentberry. Our genuine task was to make it possible for our tenants and landlords to send/receive payments directly and save time. While dealing in cash is quite risky for a tenant, sending paper checks or using bank transactions is time-consuming. In this situation, cryptocurrency becomes a great way to eliminate all the inconvenience out of the tenant-landlord relations. With our international expansion, we aim to support our BERRY rent payments ecosystem worldwide. This is a significant step towards the decentralization of the Real Estate industry. Share your feedback and experience in the comments below; we’ll be happy to answer all of you!
This is a real gamechanger product in the rental space.
@zoltan_fulop thank you for your feedback
The site is very simple and easy to read. Colorful apps available on Android and IOS platform. Rent through Rentberry service, very practical and safe, I will always use it, and advise friends.
Amazing solution for crypto-users. Hope more and more services will be arise every day with ability to pay in cryptocurrency
@anton_kl crypro is the future! Thank you for your positive feedback!
The idea is disruptive for the market of long-term rentals, I really like that very much, being a landlord myself. It would be helpful to add more transparency to the development process and to the important numbers for the success of the project, like number of contracts, payed with BERRYs. That's the whole idea of using a public ledger, smart contracts, etc. May your competitors envy you!
@nenantonov Thanks for your feedback, Nenko! As we move the needle of our development process forward and plan out the key features that our platform will need to sustain successful business, we have already thought of that. This is something we plan to implement in future to reach the highest level of transparency and ensure the most efficient use of blockchain technology.