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Delightful. Is it worldwide?
Alex Lubinsky
Alex Lubinsky@rentberry · Rentberry - CEO
@lilysahifulb For now we just concentrate on the US. But in the future we plan to be available in other countries.
𝔏aurent 𝔇el ℜeyHunter@ldesserrey · Product Design at @Snap
I don't know who built this but it sounds interesting. I also like the design of the landing page. Any thoughts / info about Rentberry guys?
Julien Le Coupanec
Julien Le Coupanec@lecoupa · Building cool stuff at Crisp
@ldesserrey Sounds very cool!! :D
Jeffrey Chiang
Jeffrey Chiang@pixelsushirobot · 🔶 Design • 🍣 Food • 🤖 Technology
@ldesserrey Alex Lubinsky @rentberry is the CEO
Alex Lubinsky
Alex Lubinsky@rentberry · Rentberry - CEO
@ldesserrey Thank you for the kind words. We are a team of 12 rainmakers who got tired of cumbersome application process, exhausting application fees, secretive bids, wasting valuable time - we are promoting transparency.
Alex Lubinsky
Alex Lubinsky@rentberry · Rentberry - CEO
@gnaihc @ldesserrey If anyone wants to get in contact with me:
Jamie Gordon
Jamie Gordon@jamie_ross
There is something similar in the UK
Tom Kinniburgh
Tom Kinniburgh@kinnth · Mobile Guru, Founder, Gamer
@jamie_ross What's the similar service for the UK called?
Jamie Gordon
Jamie Gordon@jamie_ross
@kinnth I cannot find it in my sea of bookmarks atm. But it's a social network with estate agents and landlords on past history so credit checks don't need to be done or chasing references
Chris Frantz
Chris Frantz@frantzlight · 👀
Beautiful landing page.
Alex Lubinsky
Alex Lubinsky@rentberry · Rentberry - CEO
@frantzlight Thank you. We tried our best :)
Alexis Elias
Alexis Elias@alexiselias
How do you compare to other competitors like cozy? I don't understand the pricing. Is the $25 tenant fee a one time fee?
Alex Lubinsky
Alex Lubinsky@rentberry · Rentberry - CEO
@alexiselias We offer much more than Cozy. We dont charge for credit reports, background checks and applications anything. It is totally free. Also, you can sign electronically rental agreements through our platform - not many companies offer this. In couple of weeks you would be able to syndicate your listing to the largest rental websites and send payments instantly - all of this is free as well. And the crucial thing is also transparency - nobody offers this. We take only $25 during the stage when the rental agreement is getting signed - therefore tenant pays only once the place is secured! I hope this helps.
Viktor Voronin
Viktor Voronin@voroninman · CTO, Chooos