Transparent rental experience for tenants and landlords

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Delightful. Is it worldwide?
@lilysahifulb For now we just concentrate on the US. But in the future we plan to be available in other countries.
@lilysahifulb @rentberry I would love to see it settle in Germany. If you want some starting point I could provide some players with who you can integrate or cooperate to get in mass Market. Or is the Strategy to get the customers to your Platform primary?
I don't know who built this but it sounds interesting. I also like the design of the landing page. Any thoughts / info about Rentberry guys?
@ldesserrey Sounds very cool!! :D
@ldesserrey Alex Lubinsky @rentberry is the CEO
@ldesserrey Thank you for the kind words. We are a team of 12 rainmakers who got tired of cumbersome application process, exhausting application fees, secretive bids, wasting valuable time - we are promoting transparency.
@gnaihc @ldesserrey If anyone wants to get in contact with me:
Been following this for some years, the new co-signing for deposit feature is very exciting, cannot wait to use this in the UK. Great work Rentberry! Tim
There is something similar in the UK
@jamie_ross What's the similar service for the UK called?
@kinnth I cannot find it in my sea of bookmarks atm. But it's a social network with estate agents and landlords on past history so credit checks don't need to be done or chasing references
@kinnth @jamie_ross Nothing out there with the features Rentberry has, including blockchain applications now in Rentberry, world first, game changing build-out going down with this and it's inclusion of Berry (BERRY) tokenisation for Blockchain.
@kinnth depends if your looking in london as most are london centric
Beautiful landing page.
@frantzlight Thank you. We tried our best :)