Rental Cash Flow Calculator

Get a cash flow analysis for your rental property in 5 steps

Rental Cash Flow App is a rental property cash flow calculator for determining if a property is a good rental investment. This tool will provide you with both a cash flow analysis, as well as an amortization table.
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Would be awesome if you get the rents automatically populated for the area. That’s where usually the work is.
@vidit I completely agree! There would be a ton of additional functionality that could be created from that. I guess the problem is actually finding an accurate rental rate. I know Zillow has their "zestimate," but I have found that it is not that accurate. Have any ideas?
@sundaycode no APIs out there? like rentometer? Also would be cool to be on a zillow page for the listing and just hit the chrome extension button for this app and just give the cash flow #. But I digress! :|
@vidit I've never heard of rentometer before, looks awesome! Thanks for the feedback, I'll look into implementing these things :) The chrome extension is a great idea.
Hi there! Thanks for checking out my Rental Cash Flow Calculator! I found this to be a very interesting and fun project. The project was built with GatsbyJS, and no information is saved to a server. Additionally, the website is a Progressive Web App (PWA) that can be downloaded as an app on your phone πŸ“± If you have any questions or feedback I'm all ears!